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Amazing Catholic Teachers Who Want To Spank You Today & Be Your Sex Teacher

Do you have a fetish for older women? or women in positions of authority?

Our teachers love treating you like a bad boy! we will have you begging for more and feeling like you’re a bad boy who loves his punishment.

Did you ever have a crush on your teacher at school? Do you need that comfort of an older woman who can make you feel safe and special?

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Code 1515 –Megan loves disciplining her students and long dirty chats over the phone. Megan is an expert at making all your desires come true. If you need discipline or an older woman to put you in line call her now.

Meet Megan

CODE: 3474 Sarah is a master at making you feel that first crush you ever had that was your school teacher. She will teach you how to feel comfortable being disciplined once again. She is great at comfort talking and will happily chat to you about your darkest secret or anything you want to talk about.

Meet Sarah

Code 3577 Bridget is a tame teacher she is shy nerdy and very intellectual. She is our only submissive teacher on our staff. You will be able to tell her exactly what you need and want. Your wildest fantasies she will fulfill and have you begging for more.

Meet Bridgette

Code 2554 Lexie is our youngest teacher at age 28. She graduated with honors and is one of the hottest female teachers on our payroll. She will do just about anything that is legal and has you begging for more. She loves men of all ages and will discipline you like never before.

Meet Lexie

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