What to say during phone sex tips

Picking up the phone and calling a phone sex business for the first time can be daunting. The reality is no one knows exactly what to say. A lot of men get nervous on their first few calls and hang. It does not need to be an experience that is nerve-racking or intimidating. Our girls are all trained professionals it is there job it is to put you at ease and help you to enjoy your phone sex call in Australia.

If you are dumbstruck for words and sure what to say here are a few tips:

  • Smile when you first start chatting, a smile can be felt on a call. People like people who like them if you want your lady to warm to you let her feel that you actually like her.
  • Be honest tell the sexy women at the other end of the line that it is your phone sex experience.
  • Think of some generic things to say to break the tension I,e “how is the day so far?” , “what color hair do you have”, “have you been doing this job a long time?”
  • Think about what you are not getting in your sex life. Talk to her about be honest, tell her your wildest fantasy as long as the chat is not illegal or about violent acts she will participate and help you explore the fantasy 99% of the time.
  • At the end of the day, women are women and they always enjoy a touch of foreplay, for 1 minute or 10 minutes try and warm her up. Most operators report 7 out of 10 calls actually turn them on. With forep[lay being the leading reason, a woman will enjoy your call. So don’t be tight and allow that minute or two extra to get to know your girl.
  • If you’re not connecting with your lady tell her and request a different operator.

Catholic Students Are Here To Help

If you are unsure of what to say after reading our above tips simply have a quick 1-minute chat to our operator. She will make sure you are put through to whoever our most experienced operator is online. Let the operator know it is your first call and you are unsure of what to say and feeling a bit nervous. She will walk you through and explain what can be talked about and what can’t. She will then try and pick a topic that turns you on and put your worries at ease.

Dialing in should be fun, erotic and a mindblowing experience not just for you but for the girl on the other end of your call.