Psychologist Sydney Northern Beaches

Are looking for a psychologist on the Northern Beaches?

A talk therapy counsellor is very different from say a corporate psychologist. Mental health issues are becoming a public accepted issue to be open and seek help. In seeking help from a psychologist it can become overwhelming who too choose as there are so many practitioners in the market. Anxiety, depression, midlife crisis and other mental health conditions are all treatable.

How a Therapist can help

Family psychotherapy

There are many ways a therapist can help and talk therapy is one of the strongest tool in recovery for moderate symptoms of most mental health conditions. If your suffering from mental illness PNB there is help. The government will subserdise the first 10 sessions of any visits to a psychologist if you have a referral from a GP. A journey with your psychologist can be something that dramticaly changes your life for the better. If you have tried therapy before and failed know that this can be extremely normal, most people have at least tried once before they find a psychologist who is a good match.

What to expect in therapy

If your looking for a quick fix therapy generally is not quick. Therapy will generally be a minimum of 6 sessions and sometimes up too 18 sessions. Moderate anxiety the recommended duration of therapy is 12-14 sessions. This is not our recommendation but rather what all research points towards as being the norm. If you have tried other forms of self help we have several recommendations that go along with therapy that maybe of great benefit to aid you on your new journey.

  • Mediatation
  • Exrecise
  • Becoming more social

What locations and who should i choose

There are many different locations on the Northern Beaches to choose from and generally it can be complex to know where and who is right. We always recommend choosing a practitioner who is reasonably close. Our experience has been that if someone has to travel to far on the northern beaches to see there therapist sometimes the long drive can assisst early ceasation of anxietytherapy.

Depression & Anxiety

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety you might not know that these are the two most common forms of mental health concerns world wide. In Australia roughly 5 million people each year will suffer from some for of the illness. It is no easy fix but there is a solution.

The road to recovery northern beaches

The road to recovery from mental illness can be long and difficult but there will also be times of happiness and fullfillment.